News:  [As of February 28, 2019]

Tucson:  I am now in the Tucson AZ phase of my year until May 2019.  
I will return to Madison WI from May 12th, 2019 until October.

Location Schedule:
Tucson AZ:   January until May 2019
Madison WI: May thru September 2019
Tucson AZ:   September 2019 until Spring 2020

New Service Offerings:  (See Services & Rates for mor information)
Thai Acupressure, Tok Sen, Meditation Consultation, Thai Myofascial Release, Freestyle Energy Balancing
Namaste and Welcome to Thai Yoga Metta
Don (Liam)Jones,
Adv. Practitioner
Thai Yoga Metta is my form of Thai Massage.  Thai Massage is actually an ancient and legendary yoga therapy and has been mis-represented as massage in the west.  In Thailand it is known as Nuad Boran. It is also known as Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Yoga Massage and Thai Yoga Therapy.  It is a form of energy-body work that is more than 2500 years old, originating with a yogi & Ayurvedic physician to Buddha.  A Thai Yoga session is often described as deeply relaxing and dreamy while at the same time rejuvenating and energizing.  It is common to feel a lightness of being, more spaciousness, more energy and a fluidity of motion. Take advantage of the New Client Special and experience a 2 hour session.
Thai Yoga Metta  Thai Massage
East Tucson AZ and 335 W Lakeside St, Madison WI 53715
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